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Social Media Rules of Engagement: Why Your Online Narrative is the Best Weapon During a Crisis

Book Description

Avoid becoming a #PRFail with a solid social media strategy

Social Media Rules of Engagement guides you in the development of a bullet-proof social media strategy. You can manage any crisis effectively by having a plan before you actually need one—and by understanding and influencing your audience with military precision. This original, engaging, and informative text with case studies from the coalface offers you the tools you need to avoid scandal and media crises, and to learn how to leverage social media, big data, and influence in your communications strategies.

Social media has established itself as a critical part of any external communications strategy—but the very nature of social media leads to crises that organisations are not always prepared to face. To execute an effective social media strategy, you need to build influence, while leveraging the data that supports a targeted approach. This innovative guide focuses on how to create a holistic social media strategy, and how to defend your organization from social media crisis.

  • Develop a risk management strategy that protects your social media interactions around the clock

  • Avoid common mistakes by reading case studies of business faux pas—and learning exactly what not to do in a crisis

  • Cultivate influence both in the boardroom and on the information battlefield by defining your story and knowing your audience segments

  • Leverage digital interactivity features to enrich the content in the book

  • Social Media Rules of Engagement is an integral resource to guide your social strategy toward success.

    Table of Contents

    1. About the author
    2. Author note
    3. Preface
      1. Who should read this book
      1. 1 Social media crisis communications:
        1. Communications born again, but the fundamentals still apply
        2. It’s all about narrative
        3. Optimus Prime: are you conditioning your audience for sales or LOLs?
      2. 2 Ready, aim … misfire:
        1. The social media iceberg
        2. From marketeers to info ops: this will blow your pixels off
        3. The narrative in your numbers: what story is your social data telling you?
        4. Why social numbers don’t always add up to Klout, influence, votes, dollars, sales and raving fans
        5. Notes
      3. 3 The hurt locker:
        1. The information vacuum: why going AWOL on social media isn’t an option
        2. From battlefield to boardroom — the threat posed by information vacuums
        3. Say something! Just not anything …
        4. Overexposed: why trashing your brand has never been easier
        5. Hashtag horror! Why things go terribly wrong
      4. 4 Mission recon:
        1. Mission: getting to know your target audience
        2. Recon: pin it, IG it, tumble it …
        3. Mission: audience segmentation
        4. Psychosocial considerations
        5. Mission: audience sentiment analysis
      5. 5 Classified:
        1. Social warfare: why it’s not just the military’s problem
        2. Brand you: social media jihad collateral damage
        3. Is your organisation at risk?
        4. Where to source information and support for crisis communications planning
        5. How to communicate during a critical incident or terrorist attack
        6. Full-spectrum dominance … oh and social media
      6. 6 Socially transmitted disasters (STDs):
        1. Sex Ed 101: the birds, the bees … and Snapchat
        2. The Clap: are you at risk?
        3. Coitus interruptus: not an effective method of Clap control
        4. Practise safe social media — it’s all about using protection
        5. Click-jacking — not as pleasurable as it sounds
      7. 7 Target acquired:
        1. Stalkerbook … I mean Facebook
        2. Socialveillance: who is watching you online and why you should care
        3. White collar blue: espionage and hacking is a corporate problem too
      8. 8 Social media information operations:
        1. Why influence is key to mission success from battlefield to boardroom
        2. Propaganda in your pocket — influence in everyday life
        3. Tinker, tailor, soldier … social media spy
        4. Hearts and minds: are you on the communications offensive?
        5. The men who stare at goats: the power of social media conspiracy theories
        6. A rumour of war: the art of social media counter-public-relations
      9. 9 Lie to me:
        1. IRL (in real life): the human factor
        2. Social media profiling: far from a game of cyber cops and robbers
        3. Life in the hive: global social activism and why you should take note
        4. Notes
      10. 10 Lessons from an inferno:
        1. The niche
        2. The social smoke detector
        3. Kit up: the tools and skills you need to fight social media fires
        4. Breaking bad: the art of selling your own scandal
        5. Crisis over: getting back to business as usual
        6. Crisis in command
        7. Notes
      11. 11 The social grapevine:
        1. Information verification
        2. Hijacked! Coincidence? Unlikely
        3. Newsjacking
        4. Journalism: now just a profession that you used to know
      12. 12 From battlefield to boardroom:
        1. Battlefield to boardroom: why social media needs to be part of your communications arsenal
        2. Only the victors write history … oh and Wikipedia
        3. Don’t you know who I am? Why influence is the currency of the future
      1. Divine risk mitigation
      2. Building your ark
      3. Drills and skills
      4. After the flood
      5. Notes
    6. #PayItForward
    7. Index
    8. Advert
    9. EULA