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Social Media Security

Book Description

Social networks, particularly public ones, have become part of the fabric of how we communicate and collaborate as a society. With value from micro-level personal networking to macro-level outreach, social networking has become pervasive in people’s lives and is now becoming a significant driving force in business. These new platforms have provided new approaches to many critical enterprise functions, including identifying, communicating, and gathering feedback with customers (e.g., Facebook, Ning); locating expertise (e.g., LinkedIn); providing new communication platforms (e.g., Twitter); and collaborating with a community, small or large (e.g., wikis). However, many organizations have stayed away from potential benefits of social networks because of the significant risks associated with them. This book will help an organization understand the risks present in social networks and provide a framework covering policy, training and technology to address those concerns and mitigate the risks presented to leverage social media in their organization. The book also acknowledges that many organizations have already exposed themselves to more risk than they think from social networking and offers strategies for "dialing it back" to retake control.

  • Defines an organization's goals for social networking
  • Presents the risks present in social networking and how to mitigate them
  • Explains how to maintain continuous social networking security

Table of Contents

  1. Cover image
  2. Title page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Copyright
  5. Acknowledgements
  6. About the Author
  7. About the Technical Editor
  8. Chapter 1. What is Social Media?
    1. Information in This Chapter:
    2. What is social media?
    3. Understanding social media
    4. Different types and classifications
    5. The value of social media
    6. Cutting edge versus bleeding edge
    7. The problems that come with social media
    8. Is security really an issue?
    9. Taking the good with the bad
    10. Bibliography
  9. Chapter 2. Opportunities of Social Media
    1. Information in This Chapter:
    2. Opportunities of social media
    3. New methods of marketing to customers
    4. Building social authority
    5. Engaging customers
    6. Sharing information
    7. Getting the word out
    8. Taking advantage of collective intelligence
    9. Bibliography
  10. Chapter 3. Employment and Social Media
    1. Information in This Chapter:
    2. Employment and social media
    3. Using social media to find employees
    4. Candidate screening
    5. Using social media to find employment
    6. Limiting personal information
    7. Employees using social media
    8. Allowing social media in the workplace
    9. Bibliography
  11. Chapter 4. Considerations for setting up Social Media
    1. Information in This Chapter:
    2. Considerations for setting up social media
    3. Why are we doing this?
    4. What is the place of social media in your organization?
    5. Identifying your audience
    6. Internet versus intranet
    7. What’s being said about your brand?
    8. Making the right decisions early
    9. Identifying how you’ll represent yourself on the Internet
    10. Approved representatives
    11. Privacy
    12. Training and policy
    13. Bibliography
  12. Chapter 5. Being Bold Versus being Overlooked
    1. Information in This Chapter:
    2. Being bold versus being overlooked
    3. Good social media campaigns
    4. Bad social media campaigns
    5. Sometimes it’s better to be overlooked
    6. Social media hoaxes
    7. The human factor
    8. Content management
    9. Promotion of social media
    10. Bibliography
  13. Chapter 6. Risks of Social Media
    1. Information in This Chapter:
    2. Risks of social media
    3. Public embarrassment
    4. Once it’s out there, it’s out there
    5. False information
    6. Information leakage
    7. Retention and archiving content
    8. Backing up social media
    9. Loss of data/equipment
    10. Bibliography
  14. Chapter 7. The Dark Side
    1. Information in This Chapter:
    2. The dark side of social media
    3. Cybercrime
    4. Social engineering
    5. Hacked accounts
    6. Bibliography
  15. Chapter 8. Risk Management
    1. Information in This Chapter:
    2. Risk management
    3. Laws and regulations
    4. Insurance
    5. Forensics
    6. Police use of social media
    7. Malware, viruses, and exploit distribution
    8. Bibliography
  16. Chapter 9. Policies and Privacy
    1. Information in This Chapter:
    2. Policies
    3. Privacy
    4. Blocking users
    5. Controlling app privacy
    6. Location awareness
    7. Bibliography
  17. Chapter 10. Security
    1. Information in This Chapter:
    2. Security
    3. Fake accounts
    4. Passwords
    5. Privacy and information sharing
    6. Content security
    7. Bibliography
  18. Chapter 11. Where do We go from Here?
    1. Information in This Chapter:
    2. Where do we go from here?
    3. The pitch, the promise, and the reality
    4. Who’s in charge here?
    5. Monitor social media
    6. Keeping it fresh
    7. Dialing it back and retaking control
    8. Ongoing training
    9. Bibliography
  19. Index