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Social Networking for Rookies

Book Description

Who you know has always been as important as what you know, and social or business networks (that is, groups of people connecting together with a common interest) have
existed since time began. Your connections can help with everything from business deals or career progression to finding the best restaurant or beach to visit on holiday.
Social networking today is changing the way we meet people, make friends and do business. If you aren’t connecting or connected, you will lose out to people who are. In Social Networking for Rookies you will learn how to tap into this vibrant, exciting and dynamic world:
• Find the right networks for your purpose, from “fun” networks, to social/business networks, specific interest networks, online communities and clubs, forums, niche
networks and blogs.
• Develop the right strategy depending on whether you are meeting new people, sharing information, asking for help and advice, carrying out market research, marketing or
profile raising.
• Learn the etiquette of using online sites – essential dos and don’ts that everyone needs to know.
• Define your short-, medium- and long-term networking goals.
What is important to you in developing your network? Do you want just to meet like-minded people, or do you want to build a significant profile via social networking? There are so many
options, and it is easy to get overwhelmed and lose sight of what you really want to focus on, but Social Networking for Rookies cuts through the confusion and will help you develop a clear purpose and strategy for your social networking success.