Chapter 19

Ten Great Ways to Delve Deeper into Social Psychology

In This Chapter

arrow Using all the available resources

arrow Communicating with experts

A few hundred years ago, a true scholar in a subject was able to have read literally everything ever written on a particular topic. The challenge was locating, possessing or copying the rare items of written material. Nowadays, with such a vast amount of information available so easily, the problem is sorting and identifying what’s important and – crucially – what isn’t.

In this chapter, I describe ten ways to discover more about social psychology. I show you how to locate research articles online and how to follow connections between papers. I look at some of the big psychological societies and what they offer, as well as some specialist websites that collect specific social psychology resources. I also discuss how social media is being used to filter information and take part in scientific debate. These are exciting times for the professional and the interested layperson alike.

Consulting Research Journals

Psychologists write textbooks, give lectures and even have YouTube channels. But the most important product of their job is the research article. These articles are what they’re judged by, where they lay out their theories and present ...

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