Chapter 3

Deciding When to Start Collecting Retirement Benefits

In This Chapter

arrow Recognizing that when you claim affects what you get

arrow Considering your life expectancy

arrow Remembering your spouse

arrow Working for greater security

arrow Making your decision

I know people who are sick of their jobs, fed up with the demands of the work world, and ready to begin collecting Social Security the very first day they can get it. I also know people who love their jobs, see themselves as forever young, and are pained even to think about collecting retirement benefits. Where do you fit on the spectrum?

Of course, the decision on when to start collecting Social Security is personal. Your priorities and needs, your spouse’s needs, your financial resources, your health, and your expected longevity all can shape your attitude about collecting Social Security.

Your decision on when to begin collecting Social Security retirement benefits may be the most important financial decision you ever make. Starting too early ...

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