Chapter 13

Working in “Retirement”

In This Chapter

arrow Facing the pros and cons of working later in life

arrow Understanding the Social Security earnings test

arrow Navigating your first months of retirement

arrow Going back to work after you’ve retired

arrow Getting special advice if you’re self-employed

arrow Paying taxes on your retirement benefit

Once upon a time, work and retirement meant two different stages of life. You worked until you got older, and then one day your employer gave you a little keepsake and you walked out the door. Forever. But as you know, those days are gone.

If you’re a Baby Boomer or Gen Xer, work may be part of your life beyond what people once thought of as retirement age. If you like to work and have decent choices, you’re ahead of the game. Work can be healthy and rewarding on many levels. But millions of other people are hanging in there for the simple reason that they need the money. ...

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