Sharon Duca Palmer
Social Work
and Child Services
Social Work
and Child Services
Social Work and Child Services
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This work brings together the results of studies of child services from diverse countries and
cultures and covers a broad array of topical issues and social work interventions, including
adolescent emotional health, children of substance abusers, childhood depression and teenage
suicide, children's weight and physical activity, language development in autistic children, and
much more. Chapters include a survey of the number of children living with substance-abusing
parents in the UK, a study which helped identify several ways in which schools address adolescent
emotional health issues, a review of a program that supports parents of young people with suicidal
behavior, an examination of the role that child protective services prevention efforts play in
delinquency prevention and intervention, and more.
About the Editor
Sharon Duca Palmer, CSW, LMSW, has worked in a variety of settings in her twenty-year career
as a social worker. Since 1990 she has been a school social worker at the ACLD Kramer Learning
Center in Bay Shore, New York, and she is a Certified Field Instructor at the Adelphi University,
School of Social Work, Garden City, New York, USA.
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Sharon Duca Palmer, CSW, LMSW
School Social Worker, ACLD Kramer Learning Center,
Bay Shore, New York; Certied Field Instructor,
Adelphi University School of Social Work,
Garden City, New York, U.S.A.
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