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Social Work Visions from Around the Globe

Book Description

Increase the effectiveness of the services you provide to clients

Social Work Visions from Around the Globe examines the fundamental principles and dilemmas of social work with people whose health is under threat. This valuable resource was compiled from material presented at the Third International Conference on Social Work in Health and Mental Health in Tampere, Finland. The book explores key issues in social work in health and mental health, from the early historical roots of social work in health to developing a human rights perspective on the lives of men who face capital punishment. Using tables, figures, case studies, and interviews, the text will help you provide holistic, client-based care to children, men, women, and families.

Social Work Visions from Around the Globe is divided into two sections: the first half discusses the position of individuals and families as users of health and mental health care services. Specific cases in the book include social work situations for children with disabilities, the mentally ill, the elderly, cancer, and HIV/AIDS. This text includes research and findings on the challenges and solutions faced by social workers in North America, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

In the second half, Social Work Visions from Around the Globe focuses on various approaches to social work in health and mental health that address:
  • the diversity of societies
  • strengthening the voice of the social worker and service user
  • the expertise of service users
  • development of methods
  • family life and childhood in global comparison
  • human rights issues in social work

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Halftitle
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Contents
  6. Part I: Citizens’ Needs and Participation in Health and Mental Health
    1. Introduction: Women’s and Men’s Needs as a Challenge for Gender-Sensitive Services
    2. Opening Remarks, 1 July 2001, Tampere
    3. Understanding the Interconnections Between Ethnicity, Gender, Social Class and Health: Experiences of Minority Ethnic Women in Britain
    4. Psychosocial Problems and Coping Patterns of HIV Seropositive Wives of Men with HIV/AIDS
    5. Rehabilitation of the Wandering Seriously Mentally Ill (WSMI) Women: The Banyan Experience
    6. Time to Father
    7. Disabled Children and Their Families in Ukraine: Health and Mental Health Issues for Families Caring for Their Disabled Child at Home
    8. Parents as Advocates: Stories of Surplus Suffering When a Child Is Diagnosed and Treated for Cancer
    9. The Long-Term Psychosocial Effects of Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment on Children and Their Families
    10. Coping and Resilience of Children of a Mentally Ill Parent
    11. Citizenship and Participation of Users
      1. The Experience of Urban Aboriginals with Health Care Services in Canada: Implications for Social Work Practice
      2. Participation and Citizenship of Elderly Persons: User Experiences from Finland
      3. Mental Homelessness: Locked Within, Locked Without
  7. Part II: Social Work Methods in Health and Mental Health
    1. Introduction: Part II
    2. Increasing Cultural Competence in Services: Managing Diversity
      1. Cultural Competence in Psychosocial and Psychiatric Care: A Critical Perspective with Reference to Research and Clinical Experiences in California, US and in Germany
      2. Cultural and Ethical Issues in Working with Culturally Diverse Patients and Their Families: The Use of the Culturagram to Promote Cultural Competent Practice in Health Care Settings
      3. Transforming the Legacies of Childhood Trauma in Couple and Family Therapy
    3. Evolvement of Voice of Social Workers and Users in Interprofessional and Interagency Collaboration
      1. Social Group Work: Building a Professional Collective of Hospital Social Workers
      2. Partnership in Mental Health and Child Welfare: Social Work Responses to Children Living with Parental Mental Illness
      3. Changing Practice: Involving Mental Health Service Users in Planning Service Provision
    4. Advancing Inclusive and Empowering Practice
      1. Postmodern Social Work in Interdisciplinary Contexts: Making Space on Both Sides of the Table
      2. Using Music as a Therapy Tool to Motivate Troubled Adolescents
      3. Mental Health, Social Inclusion and the Green Agenda: An Evaluation of a Land Based Rehabilitation Project Designed to Promote Occupational Access and Inclusion of Service Users in North Somerset, UK
      4. Social Vaccine for HIV Prevention: A Study on Truck Drivers in South India
    5. Focusing on the Unique Life-Cycle: Social Work Knowledge in Promoting Individual Life Changes and Human Rights
      1. The Experience of Receiving a Diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis After Age 20: Implications for Social Work
      2. What Social Workers Can Do About Violence: Learnings from the Lives of 37 Men
  8. Index