Chapter Nine

Social Media Rolodex and Resources

As you approach the end of this book, I want to ensure you continue your digital education. By all means, I'd be flattered if you went on to follow my writings, videos, and other exploits. I thought it would also be helpful if I supplied a list of people and resources that I draw inspiration from and look to for ideas, advice, and the opportunity to collaborate with. This is my #FF Twitter shout-out, but in book format!

I hope you find these resources helpful as you continue your digital education. Admittedly the downside to this section is that I'm certain to leave off some very talented people! Feel free to contact me with any I have missed or that you have discovered and I'll augment on This list is in reverse alphabetical order.

The social media space is constantly changing, so it's important to continue to have the latest news and changes pushed your way. Feel free to refer back to Socialnomics often while staying abreast of new findings and trends from the following people and resources.

Dan Zarrella, often called a social media scientist, does a great job of collecting tons of data and making sense of it all by spotting trends. He has insightful findings on which types of tweets have the best chance to be retweeted. He is a product owner at HubSpot and the author of The Social Media Marketing Book, The Facebook Marketing Book, and Zarella's Hierarchy of Contagiousness. @danzarrella

Larry Webber founded ...

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