Chapter Eleven

Social Success Secrets (Give Them to Me Now!)

Some of you may have read all the previous chapters, while others, more anxious, just jumped to this chapter. Starting with this chapter and continuing to the end of the book, we are going to get into the brass tacks of proven ways to achieve success within digital, social, and mobile media.

Therefore, we are going to jump around a little, but each bit will be digestible and actionable. Make it a habit to sprinkle one or two of these suggestions into your daily activities and you will be well on your way to success! Many of these suggestions I've been able to glean over the past four years as I've traveled the world for book signings, consulting, and giving keynote speeches. I've been fortunate to have had engagements with Starbucks, Coach, Cartier, M&M Mars, the University of Texas, Google, ADP, IBM, the National Guard, NASA, Nokia, Raytheon, and Facebook, as well as many nonprofits and small businesses.

Top Opportunities Missed by Most (But Not If You Read This!)

Opportunity: Retention of Existing Customers

Companies pay too much attention to the vocal negative minority and often miss serving their best customers.

For example:

@happycustomer tweets: “I love Company ABC, couldn't live without their products.”
@unhappynoncustomer tweets: “Just was on hold with Company ABC for 10 minutes…hung up #frustrated.”

If these were tweeted around the same time, who do you think will get responded to first? That's right, 9 out ...

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