Chapter Nineteen


The following questions are a selection submitted from reporters, readers, and fans over the years, along with my answers:

Social media trends—which is the next big thing in your opinion?

LinkedIn isn't talked about enough. More people will move this out of human resources (HR) and put it into the hands of the digital team.

Putting structure to big data so we can make predictions is another important step.

Will mobile use change social media?

Advances in mobile technology will increase the usage of social media.

What are your recommendations of methods and tools to use? (Examples: QR codes, mobile geo-fencing, augmented reality, live streaming)

I love being able to augment the user experience in real time. Augmented reality is underutilized. If I have a menu in French and someone's smartphone can convert it to English, Spanish, and so on, that is value added.

What do you mean by “humanizing” your business? (Isn't this what we are getting away from with new social media?)

If done properly, social media allows us to listen, interact, and react to customers' input and feelings much better than ever before. We are making them feel as if their voice is being heard and they are helping to shape a brand/company.

Is social media going to consume our future marketing/advertising? Why?

Yes, it will be the largest portion. Since the dawn of time, word of mouth has been the most important item for success. Social media is word of mouth on digital steroids.

Given modern ...

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