1. 693 H.C. Deb 5s, 29–30, 13 April 1964.

2. Patrick Howarth, ed., Special Operations, 174. There is a list of books on pages 400–13.

3. Sonnet, xvii. 10.


1. There is a table of dates at Appendix J, page 468.

2. The Italians occupied the south-eastern corner of France from November 1942 to September 1943. But their impact on resistance there was slight, and normally – as above – the text ignores them.

3. These views are amply illustrated in Foreign Relations of the United States, 1943, II (Europe).


1. Quoted in a paper of recommendations on control of para-military activities, 5 June 1939, MIR file 3. MIR files are now at HS8/256-61.

2. Report and Lessons from Certain Activities, I, some eight thousand words ...

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