Soft Skills to Advance Your Developer Career: Actionable Steps to Help Maximize Your Potential

Book description

As a software developer, your technical skill set is in high demand. Devices and technology have become an integral part of our everyday lives and no digital organization can thrive without technical professionals on the payroll. However, career plateaus are inevitable in even the most high-demand field. Companies do not only need software developers; they need software developers with soft skills.

In Soft Skills to Advance Your Developer Career, author Zsolt Nagy explores how emotional intelligence can give your software development career an edge. These subjects are not taught in school, and unfortunately the career advancement of many excellent developers can be blocked by their inability to effectively communicate their needs, assert themselves, and negotiate confidently. Throughout this book, Nagy shows you how to actively improve and prioritize your soft skills so that you can better represent the holistic interests of your team, obtain better working conditions, negotiate raises, and increase your variety of employment options by elevating your interviewing skills.

Discover the obstacles standing between you and a fulfilling career by finding and improving strengths you may not have even known you had. Jump out of your box with Soft Skills to Advance Your Developer Career and leverage your expertise with effortless confidence at all stages of your professional journey.

What You Will Learn

  • Examine why software developer careers cannot be treated similarly as any other career path
  • Understand the four soft-skills you need to advance your career
  • Develop a strategy for your personal brand and align it with your career plan
  • Realize the role of assertive communication, and the importance of giving and receiving feedback
  • Create a plan for setting yourself up for a raise or promotion
  • Discover techniques for acing the behavioral and coding interview

Who This Book Is For
Software developers who have the technical skills required for career advancement, but want a guide on how to manage their careers

Product information

  • Title: Soft Skills to Advance Your Developer Career: Actionable Steps to Help Maximize Your Potential
  • Author(s): Zsolt Nagy
  • Release date: September 2019
  • Publisher(s): Apress
  • ISBN: 9781484250921