In this chapter we discuss the operational and technical aspect of a software DFSS team. The soft aspects were discussed in Chapter 9. We are adopting the Team Software Process (TSP) along with the Personal Software Process (PSP) as an operational DFSS team framework. Software DFSS teams can use the TSP to apply integrated team concepts to the development of software systems within the DFSS project road map (Chapter 11). The PSP shows DFSS belts how to manage the quality of their projects, make commitments they can meet, improve estimating and planning, and reduce defects in their products. The PSP can be used by belts as a guide to a disciplined and structured approach to developing software. The PSP is a prerequisite for an organization planning to introduce the TSP. PSP can be applied to small-program development, requirement definition, document writing, and systems tests and systems maintenance.

A launch process walks teams and their managers through producing a team plan, assessing development risks, establishing goals, and defining team roles and responsibilities. TSP ensures quality software products, creates secure software products, and improves the DFSS process management. The process provides a defined process framework for managing, tracking, and reporting the team's progress.

Using TSP, a software company can build self-directed teams that plan and track their work, establish goals, ...

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