Abstract form

code generation and, 154–156

defined, 185

of a mogram, 41, 78

template language targeting, 157–158

Abstract machines

modeling with operational semantics, 139–140

runtime environment of, 141

semantics and, 138–139

states in, 142–143

transitions in, 143–144

Abstract syntax, 75–91

abstract form of a mogram, 78

as focus of language design, 7

as gateway to semantics, 76–77

hidden, underlying, unifying nature of, 75–76

mogram/language relationship and, 77

summary, 90–91

syntactic vs. semantic correctness, 79

syntactically incorrect mograms, 80

Abstract syntax graphs. See ASGs (abstract syntax graphs)

Abstract syntax models. See ASM (abstract syntax model)

Abstract syntax trees

abstract form of a mogram and, 41

building, 49

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