Chapter 11. Working with Project People

In This Chapter

  • Forming a project team

  • Managing project conflicts

  • Dealing with project stakeholders

  • Using project management powers

Projects are not solo endeavors. You have to let go, delegate responsibilities, and lead your project team to complete the job. People — the people you hire and the people you work for — are involved in each step of the project. You depend on those people to perform their tasks, and they depend on your help to lead them to project completion. Everyone involved has some stake in the success of the project, and cooperation is imperative to accomplish what must be done.

Chapter 7 introduces you to many of your responsibilities and duties as a software project manager. Taking these roles seriously will help you to find the optimal mix of human resources, so that you can then motivate, align, and direct the team. Chapter 7 also discusses how to build the project team and walk the fine line between leadership and management.

This chapter continues that discussion, with the focus now on the concept of leading your project team. Without further ado, here's all the information you need on facilitating your team's success.

Examining the Phases of Team Development

Remember your first college class? You sat in a room with a bunch of strangers and wondered what you were doing there. The temperature of the room was unbearable and no one spoke more than a muffled, “hi,” to those who accidentally made eye contact with them for a split ...

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