Software Test Engineering with IBM Rational Functional Tester: The Definitive Resource

Book description

Praise for Software Test Engineering with IBM Rational Functional Tester

“Finally, a manual for the Software Test Engineer! Many manuals on the market today are geared toward developers, and none exist for Rational Functional Tester. This is one of the first manuals geared toward the Automated Test Engineer acknowledging the depth of knowledge required for a very complex job. The manual will assist all levels of test engineering with very specific steps and hands-on advice. This manual is a reference book that no Automated Test Engineer using RFT should be without!”

Penny Bowser, CTFL, CHE, QA Manager

“The authors succeed in walking a line between sharing a wealth of technical knowledge and providing enough context to ensure the readers understand what they need to do and why. Novices and skilled practitioners alike should find the work a good read and a solid reference. Automating functional testing tends to receive less investment than it should, to the detriment of organizations everywhere. If the reader is seeking to improve his knowledge of Rational Functional Tester and make an impact using that knowledge, there is no better reference than this excellent distillation of years of field-proven experience.”

David J. Trent, Market Manager of Process and Best Practices Segment for Rational Software, IBM

“As a former manager of the group that tested IBM’s Rational Functional Tester, like a few others, I see clearly how this book can help teams multiply the benefits they derive from this product.”

Ted Rivera, Senior Agile Transformation Architect, IBM Software Group

“This book is a wonderful, in-depth resource for novice and expert users alike.”

Brian McCall, former IBM IT Specialist

“This collection of Rational Functional Tester information is a ‘must have’ for anyone using this solution. Everyone from beginners to advanced users will find this book very helpful.”

Lew Cote, IBM Technical Solution Architect

“This much-needed book effectively describes the value of Rational Functional Tester for functional testing needs. The book is well organized, thought through, and has all the latest information. The authors are no doubt subject matter experts.”

Kamala Parvathanathan, Senior Manager, IBM Rational

The Indispensable Resource for Automated Testing

Automated software testing has become a critical exercise, especially for developers utilizing iterative and agile methods. However, to achieve the full benefits of automated testing, teams need a deep understanding of both its principles and their testing tools. If you’re among the thousands of developers using IBM Rational Functional Tester (RFT), this book brings together all the insight, examples, and real-world solutions you need to succeed. Eight leading IBM testing experts thoroughly introduce this state-of-the-art product, covering issues ranging from building test environments through executing the most complex and powerful tests. Drawing on decades of experience with IBM Rational testing products, they address both technical and nontechnical challenges and present everything from best practices to reusable code.

Coverage Includes

  • Integrating IBM RFT into your development processes

  • Building highly efficient test environments, test harnesses, and test scripts

  • Using RFT Visual Editor to extend testing automation to novice users

  • Mastering basic scripting techniques, from data capture to script synchronization

  • Managing script data using RFT Datapools

  • Efficiently debugging scripts using Eclipse™ or Visual Studio®

  • Managing execution flow: playback settings, logic, error handling, and more

  • Handling domains that are not supported by RFT

  • Using advanced techniques, such as mouse delays and custom verification pointsTesting specialized software, including mainframe, SAP, Siebel, and Adobe® Flex® applications

  • Extending RFT with external libraries

  • Developing RFT support for third-party Java™ or .NET controls

  • Using RFT in both Linux® and Windows® environments

  • Configuring internationalized testing within the RFT framework

  • Product information

    • Title: Software Test Engineering with IBM Rational Functional Tester: The Definitive Resource
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: October 2009
    • Publisher(s): IBM Press
    • ISBN: 9780137036455