Software teSting BaSicS 27
(B) what are dIfferent types of verIfIcatIons?
(B) what’s the dIfference Between InspectIons and
As said in the previous sections the difference between validation and
verification is that in validation we actually execute the application, while in
verification we review without actually running the application. Verifications
are basically of two main types: Walkthroughs and Inspections. A walkthrough
is an informal form of verification. For instance, you can call your colleague
and do an informal walkthrough to just check if the documentation and coding
is correct. Inspection is a formal procedure and official. For instance, in your
organization you can have an official body which approves design documents
for any project. Every project in your organization needs to go through an
inspection which reviews your design documents. If there are issues in the
FIGURE 31 Environmental reality

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