84 Software teSting interview QueStionS
(i) Can yoU explain the iMportanCe of pii in sCaMpi?
Using PII (Practice Implementation Indicators) we find information
about the organization. PII gives us a compliance matrix showing how
practices are performed in an organization. PII basically consists of three
types of information: direct work products, indirect work products, and
affirmations. Direct work products and indirect work products come from
documents while affirmations come from interviews. The following table
shows sample PII information for the SAM process and for one of the key
process areas.
Figure 93 Sample PIID
Once the PII documents are filed we can rate whether the organization
is compliant or not. Below are the steps to be followed during the
Gather documentation.
Conduct interviews.
Discover and document strengths and weaknesses.
Communicate/present findings.

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