Note: Page numbers followed by “f” refer to figures.


Air as working fluid, 14
Air standard cycle analysis, 48–49, 96–97, 148–149, 165
Air temperature and velocity, 158
variations of, 215–217
Alkali metal thermal power generation, 5–6
Ambient crosswind, influence of, 163
model description, 169–177
boundary conditions, 171–174
computational procedure, 175
geometric model, 169
ground boundary, 172–173
inlet boundary, 172
mathematical model, 170–171
meshing skills, 174
outlet boundary, 172
selection of ambient geometrical dimensions, 175–177
side wall, 173
symmetry surface, 173
turbine coupling, 173–174
results and discussion, 177–191, 192–201
comparison of flow performances, 177–182, 192
comparison of relative static pressure contours,

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