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Solaris Trusted Extensions Configuration Guide

Book Description

This book is intended for the system administrator and the security administrator whose duties include enabling and initially configuring Solaris Trusted Extensions software on a system.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Preface
    1. Who Should Use This Book
    2. Implementing Site Security
    3. Trusted Extensions and the Solaris Operating System
    4. How the Solaris Trusted Extensions Books Are Organized
    5. Related Books from Sun Microsystems
    6. Books From Elsewhere
    7. Related Third-Party Web Site References
    8. Documentation, Support, and Training
    9. Typographic Conventions
    10. Shell Prompts in Command Examples
  3. Security Planning for Trusted Extensions
    1. Planning for Security in Trusted Extensions
    2. Results of Enabling Trusted Extensions From an Administrator's Perspective
  4. Configuration Roadmap for Trusted Extensions
    1. Task Map: Preparing a Solaris System for Trusted Extensions
    2. Task Map: Preparing For and Enabling Trusted Extensions
    3. Task Map: Configuring Trusted Extensions
  5. Adding Solaris Trusted Extensions Software to the Solaris OS (Tasks)
    1. Initial Setup Team Responsibilities
    2. Installing or Upgrading the Solaris OS for Trusted Extensions
    3. Collecting Information and Making Decisions Before Enabling Trusted Extensions
    4. Enabling the Solaris Trusted Extensions Service
  6. Configuring Trusted Extensions (Tasks)
    1. Setting Up the Global Zone in Trusted Extensions
    2. Creating Labeled Zones
    3. Adding Network Interfaces and Routing to Labeled Zones
    4. Creating Roles and Users in Trusted Extensions
    5. Creating Home Directories in Trusted Extensions
    6. Adding Users and Hosts to an Existing Trusted Network
    7. Troubleshooting Your Trusted Extensions Configuration
    8. Additional Trusted Extensions Configuration Tasks
  7. Configuring LDAP for Trusted Extensions (Tasks)
    1. Configuring an LDAP Server on a Trusted Extensions Host (Task Map)
    2. Configuring an LDAP Proxy Server on a Trusted Extensions Host (Task Map)
    3. Configuring the Sun Java System Directory Server on a Trusted Extensions System
    4. Creating a Trusted Extensions Proxy for an Existing Sun Java System Directory Server
    5. Configuring the Solaris Management Console for LDAP (Task Map)
  8. Configuring a Headless System With Trusted Extensions (Tasks)
    1. Headless System Configuration in Trusted Extensions (Task Map)
  9. Site Security Policy
    1. Creating and Managing a Security Policy
    2. Site Security Policy and Trusted Extensions
    3. Computer Security Recommendations
    4. Physical Security Recommendations
    5. Personnel Security Recommendations
    6. Common Security Violations
    7. Additional Security References
  10. Using CDE Actions to Install Zones in Trusted Extensions
    1. Associating Network Interfaces With Zones by Using CDE Actions (Task Map)
    2. Preparing to Create Zones by Using CDE Actions (Task Map)
    3. Creating Labeled Zones by Using CDE Actions (Task Map)
  11. Configuration Checklist for Trusted Extensions
    1. Checklist for Configuring Trusted Extensions
  12. Glossary