Solaris IA Issues

The following sections discuss Solaris IA issues.

Solaris IA 2.0–2.5 and COM2

By default, versions of Solaris IA prior to 2.6 enable only COM1. If you are adding an internal modem to an existing system with two COM ports, be sure to set the modem to a valid COM setting and nonconflicting interrupt, or disable COM2 in the system and configure the modem to standard COM2 settings (io=2f8 irq=3). See Sun's X86 Device Configuration Guide for further details.

  1. Boot Solaris 2.x IA and log in as root.

  2. Edit the asy.conf file.

    (for Solaris 2.4 IA) # vi /kernel/drv/asy.conf

    (for Solaris 2.5 IA) # vi /platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/asy.conf

  3. Uncomment second entry for COM2.

    (The following is for Solaris 2.4 IA.)

     # # Copyright (c) 1992 Sun Microsystems, ...

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