Solid Conference San Francisco 2014: Complete Video Compilation

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Explore the new world where software, hardware, and networking intersect. With this complete video compilation, you’ll get a front-row seat at O’Reilly’s recent Solid 2014 Conference in San Francisco—including every keynote, workshop, and session by experts and entrepreneurs working in robotics, sensor networks, the Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet, the Maker movement, and hardware-oriented startups.

It’s happening all around us right now: homes with smart robots, self-driving cars, personal autonomous drones, locomotives with jet engines. Hardware, software, and networking are fusing into a single fluid entity. Download the Solid video compilation or stream it through our HD player, you’ll discover the possibilities, including:

  • Companies—Explore what’s working, from getting funding to design and marketing to moving from an early adopter market into the mainstream.
  • Foundations—Expand your notion of the possible, and learn how radically new products can spring from re-imagining existing services, processes, and machines.
  • Machines—Focus on how to make intelligent things real, from design and prototyping to manufacturing and shipping.
  • Society—Examine how to build products and services that improve our communities, personal health, and the world economy.
  • Tools—Learn the protocols, technologies, and techniques you need to understand to make your ideas become reality.

Table of contents

  1. Keynotes
    1. Intelligent Machines are Different - Rodney Brooks
    2. Making Machines that Make - Nadya Peek
    3. Google[x]'s Focus on the Physical World - Astro Teller
    4. Time to Get Personal: Enabling a Human-centric Approach to IoT - Alec Saunders
    5. Real Time Robot Dance Party - Carin Meier and Peter Shanley
    6. Vision-Driven: Beyond Tangible Bits, Towards Radical Atoms - Hiroshi Ishii
    7. Are Robots the New Black? - Andra Keay
    8. The Future is Solid Radical Mechanisms of Economic Change - Kipp Bradford
    9. Beyond Gadgets: Interactive Everything - Ivan Poupyrev
    10. The Machine Whisperers: Why Our Machines Inner Lives Are the Key to the Next Economic Revolution - Beth Comstock
    11. Welcome Back Citizens of Weblandia - Jim Stogdill
    12. The Future of How Things are Made - Carl Bass
    13. Unleash the Potential of the Internet of Things through Intelligent Systems - Steve Teixeira
    14. Folding = Coding for Matter - Matthew Gardiner
    15. Musical Counterpoint in Wood, Bone, Metal and Carbon Fiber - Richard Isaacs
    16. The Third Digital Revolution - Neil Gershenfeld
    17. Hardware Startup Showcase Winners Announced - Renee DiResta
    18. Bootstrapping Design Culture - David Cranor
    19. The Internet as Material: Empowering the Next Phase of Connected Hardware Innovation - Ayah Bdeir
    20. Building for Resilience - Abe Gong
    21. Hardware by the Numbers - Renee DiResta
    22. Software Above the Level of a Single Device: The Implications - Tim O'Reilly
    23. Fireside Chat with Tim O'Reilly and Rod Smith
  2. Companies
    1. How to Build a Great Hardware Brand - Rob Coneybeer
    2. Beyond the Early Adopter, When IOT Cracks Mainstream - Alex Hawkinson
    3. Building a Hardware MVP - Ben Einstein
    4. Closing the Data-Loop - Daniel Koffler
    5. Designing IoT Services with Cadences' in Mind - Zachary Pousman
    6. How Lockitron Successfully Raised $2.2 Million on Its Own Crowdfunding Platform and How You Can Too - Cameron Robertson
    7. Innovate While You're Winning: How to Stay on Top When Youre a Market Leader - Gordon Hui, Ben Rottler, Robert Curtis and Murphy
    8. How to Prevent Crowd Funding from Destroying the Hardware Revolution - Scott N. Miller
    9. Design For Your Early Adopters: Women - Anna Shaw
    10. Integrated Product Development at the Intersection of Hardware and Software - Aren Kaser and Sean Murphy
    11. Pre-commerce: Funding the Hardware Revolution - Katherine Hague
    12. How Kickstarter Helped Oso Technologies Create a Hardware as a Service Business Model - Eduardo Torrealba
    13. What Do Startups Need to Know about Patent Law - Jeffrey Schox
    14. What Can IoT Entrepreneurs and the Mittelstand Learn from Each Other? - Peter Bihr
  3. Machines
    1. Humanizing the Industrial Internet - Michael DelGaudio
    2. Designing Cohesively Across Product Components - Lauren Von Dehsen
    3. Designing Automatic: Combine Equal Parts Hardware, Software, and Cloud, then Stir. - Ljuba Milijkovic
    4. Using Microinteractions to Get from Prototype to Product - Dan Saffer
    5. Kicking Down Silos: Co-Designing Software and Hardware to Create Great Products - Andy Carle
    6. Mind the Gap: Designing Interaction Between Connected Devices - Josh Clark
    7. Future Radios: Prototyping with Stickers, Cardboard and Electronics - Andrew Nicolaou and Dan Nuttall
    8. Designing Bespoke Interactive Devices in 10 Weeks - Bjorn Hartmann
    9. SOFT, not SOLID : Beyond Traditional Hardware Engineering - Saul Griffith
    10. Between Hooking-Up and Marriage: Rethinking Opportunities in Manufacturing - Terry Foecke and Erin O'Malley
    11. Beyond the Screen: Humans as Input-Output Devices - Kelsey Breseman
    12. There is No China Button - Brady Forrest
    13. Giving Factories a Voice in the Age of the Industrial Internet - Joseph Salvo
    14. Your Thing is pwnd - Security Challenges for IoT - Paul Fremantle
    15. The Hardware Renaissance and How Anyone Can Get a Product Concept Manufactured - Hardi Meybaum
  4. Society
    1. A Lamppost Is A Thing Too - Tom Armitage
    2. tinyPipes: An Electrical Utility that Goes Where the Grid Can't - Alex Hornstein
    3. Democratizing Innovation through Open Hardware - Gabriella Levine
    4. Invention is a Weather System - Shawn Frayne
    5. Manufacture NY: A New Model for Fashion Fabrication and Research - Amanda Parkes
    6. The Collision of Privacy, Regulation, and Physical Computing - Chris Clearfield
    7. Blush: Designing a Social Wearable - Noah Feehan
    8. Pardon Our Dust: Bringing Air Quality Sensors and Data to the People Through Fab Labs - Matthew Schroyer
    9. Memoirs of an Object - Simone Rebaudengo
    10. Aging in Place: How the Internet of Things Can Bring the Mountain of Social Connectedness to a Massive, Growing Market of Elderl
    11. Sensing Space - Ariel Waldman
    12. Commercializing Academic Research: From the MIT Media Lab to a Consumer Robot - Cory Kidd
    13. How Can I Help You? - Danielle Applestone
    14. Humanizing Data: Implementing a Genuine People Personality Server (p.s. thanks for all the fish Douglas Adams) - Kati London
    15. Wearables at Work - Ben Waber
    16. Emerging Markets and the Internet of Things: Why Devices Designed for High-Income Countries Don't Work and What to Do About It -
    17. The Internet of Things Democracy - Yodit Stanton
  5. Foundations
    1. A Crowd-Sourced Mechanism To Optimize Garbage Pickup In Public Areas Using Bluetooth 4 And BLE Enabled Devices Like The iPhone -
    2. UX in IoT: A Collaborative Approach - Tom Metcalfe
    3. Lessons Learned Building the Hue Cloud - Korjan Wieringen
    4. Environmental Impacts of 3D Printing - Jeremy Faludi
    5. Intelligent Connectivity. It's Whats Next. - Laurie Yoler
    6. How Do We Create A Connected World? - Sean Carey
    7. Life: Sustainable Programmable Bottom-up Manufacturing - Andrew Hessel
    8. edgertronic - A Microscope for Time - Michael Matter and Juan Pineda
    9. Printing Digital Objects - Janos Veres
    10. Relative Robotics: Autonomous Digital Assembly of Reconfigurable and Arbitrarily Sized Structures - Matt Carney
    11. New Materials, New Narratives - Dan Williams
    12. Insights from Objects - Joel Young
    13. More Pixels Law: How The Camera is Becoming the World's Most Important Sensor - Greg Borenstein
    14. Anticipatory Things How to Fix the Internet of Things - Alasdair Allan
    15. The Development of Home Environment Sensor Networks - Jeremy Jaech
    16. Project Andiamo Session - Naveed Parvez
    17. Building the Form 1: A Case Study in Using Software to Bring a Low Cost High Tech Product to Market - Ian Ferguson
  6. Tools
    1. MQTT - standards-based plumbing for the Internet of Things - Andy Piper
    2. Open Source Hardware...What About The Design Tools? - Chris Gammell
    3. IoT and RESTful Hardware - What We've Learned from Two Years Treating Motion as REST - Alden Hart
    4. Bringing to Life Wearable Ideas and Rapid Prototyping using Arduino - Moe Tanabian
    5. Breaking Down Wireless, the Hard-Ware Way. - Jeffrey Jensen, Greg Huff and Jean-Francois Chamberland
    6. Understanding Bluetooth Low Energy - Don Coleman
    7. A Robot in Every Browser: Simulation and Programming in the Cloud - Brian Gerkey
    8. Open-Source Hardware and the Digital Fabrication of Electronic Devices - David Mellis
    9. Forensic Diplomacy - How to Rock out Production/Manufacturer Relations - Jen McCabe
    10. Paper Prototyping Hardware - Ian McFarland
    11. Wiring the Internet of Things with Node-RED - Nick O'Leary
    12. Digital Fabrication for Your Digits: Tools for Making Interactive Objects that Respond to Touch and Manipulation - Valkyrie Sav
    13. Materializing Interaction - Marcelo Coelho
    14. The Industrial Internet and Manufacturing's Digital Revolution - Jackie Scherer

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