Chapter 25. Using Layers, Line Fonts, and Colors


  • Controlling layers

  • Controlling line format

  • Hiding and showing edges

  • Tutorial: Using drawing display tools

Most SolidWorks users have used AutoCAD at some point in their careers. AutoCAD is the Microsoft of CAD. Regardless of what you think of the company, the software, or the 2D world in general, AutoCAD has left its mark on CAD users of all kinds in the form of certain default expectations that people have about CAD software. A few common preconceptions are that layers, the Command Line, paper space/model space, and printing should be really difficult.

Given the ubiquity of AutoCAD in the market, it is not surprising that a few AutoCAD-like functions have found their way into the SolidWorks software. SolidWorks users, and even the SolidWorks Corporation, become a little defensive when you start talking about AutoCAD, or AutoCAD-like functionality. Maybe that is because we consider ourselves more highly evolved, having understood that 3D parametric design is a more sophisticated plane of existence than flatland 2D design.

When former AutoCAD users make the switch to SolidWorks, the questions start: Where is the Command Line, How do I put parts on layers, How do I change the background color to black, and my personal favorite, Where is the zero-radius trim?

This chapter addresses a couple of AutoCAD-like functions in the SolidWorks drawing environment. The goal is not to make the functions look or work or compare in any way ...

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