Chapter 33. Animating with MotionManager


  • Using Animation Wizard

  • Animating the view

  • Animating with key points

  • Using animations to flex parts

  • Animating with Basic Motion

SolidWorks has renamed the Animator product MotionManager, and it is now available in the base level of SolidWorks. The MotionManager enables you to create movies of parts and assemblies. These movies can show something as simple as a part rotating or as complicated as complex machinery in motion, including motion constrained by assembly mates, or motion driven by motors, springs, gravity, and contact.

This chapter does not cover Motion Analysis, formerly COSMOSMotion, because it is beyond the scope of the base SolidWorks package.


SolidWorks 2009 uses two different types of motion studies: Animation and Basic Motion. Animation uses key frames to drive the motion, and Basic Motion uses motors, springs, gravity (Physical Simulation), and collision (Physical Dynamics).

Understanding the terminology

The terminology used in this new product can be a little confusing. Here's an overview:

  • MotionManager Animator is now MotionManager. A more accurate way of saying this is that the MotionManager is the interface for the product formerly known as Animator. Animator as a separate product no longer exists. Its functionality has been absorbed into the base SolidWorks product.

  • Motion Analysis COSMOSMotion is now Motion Analysis. Motion Analysis is beyond the scope of this book.

  • Basic Motion Physical Simulation is now ...

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