Chapter 6. Creating a Subassembly

  • Model a Washer

  • Model a Washer Cover

  • Create a Subassembly

  • Use Mates

  • Change the Appearance of Parts in an Assembly

Up to this point, you have been creating individual part models, but many of the design projects you will more than likely work on in SolidWorks will not consist of only one part. Assemblies and subassemblies are an important part of most designs, and in this chapter we will show you how to build a simple subassembly that will be used multiple times in your design. An assembly, in regards to SolidWorks, is a document that consists of parts, features, and other assemblies that are assembled using mates. Most of the time, the parts and subassemblies that make up the assembly are files that are referenced only ...

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