Chapter 18: Using Libraries, Assembly Features, and Hole Wizard


Using library features

Creating library features

Using the Hole Wizard

Creating assembly features

Using envelopes

Using Smart Components

Libraries help you make more efficient use of data that you will often reuse. Some features can be made to be very flexible so you can apply them in a wide range of situations. Some libraries like the Hole Wizard are pre-made and can be combined with automation to create tools like Smart Components, which are library parts that can use library features and resize as necessary.

Shared libraries in multi-user environments require additional setup, including Windows permissions settings and SolidWorks File Location settings.

Using Library Features

Library features are intended to be parametrically flexible to fit into many types of geometry, but they can also be of a fixed size and shape. In this chapter, you will use the information you have learned in previous chapters about designing for change and design intent, and you will learn how to create, use, and store library features.

Library features reside in the Design Library, which is located in the Task Pane to the right of the graphics window.


You can detach the Task Pane from its docking location and move it wherever you want, leave it undocked, or move it to a second monitor.

One very useful aspect of library features is that they can be driven by configurations and design tables. After the feature is in ...

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