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IBM® InfoSphere® Warehouse is the IBM flagship data warehouse platform for
departmental data marts and enterprise data warehouses. It offers leading
architecture, performance, backup, and recovery tools that help improve
efficiency and reduce time to market through increased understanding of current
data assets, while simplifying the daily operations of managing complex
warehouse deployments.
InfoSphere Warehouse Advanced Enterprise Edition delivers an enhanced set of
database performance, management, and design tools. These tools assist
companies in maintaining and increasing value from their warehouses, while
helping to reduce the total cost of maintaining these complex environments.
In this IBM Redbooks® publication we explain how you can build a business
intelligence system with InfoSphere Warehouse Advanced Enterprise to manage
and support daily business operations for an enterprise, to generate more
income with lower cost. We describe the foundation of the business analytics, the
Data Warehouse features and functions, and the solutions that can deliver
immediate analytics solutions and help you drive better business outcomes.
We show you how to use the advanced analytics of InfoSphere Warehouse
Advanced Enterprise Edition and integrated tools for data modeling, mining, text
analytics, and identifying and meeting the data latency requirements. We
describe how the performance and storage optimization features can make
building and managing a large data warehouse more affordable, and how they
can help significantly reduce the cost of ownership. We also cover data lifecycle
management and the key features of IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence.
This book is intended for data warehouse professionals who are interested in
gaining in-depth knowledge about the operational business intelligence solution
for a data warehouse that the IBM InfoSphere Warehouse Advanced Enterprise
Edition offers.
The team who wrote this book
This book was produced by a team of specialists from around the world working
at the International Technical Support Organization, San Jose Center.
Whei-Jen Chen is a Project Leader at the International Technical Support
Organization, San Jose Center. She has extensive experience in application
xii Solving Operational Business Intelligence with InfoSphere Warehouse Advanced Edition
development, database design and modeling, and IBM DB2® system
administration. Whei-Jen is an IBM Certified Solutions Expert in Database
Administration and Application Development, and an IBM Certified IT Specialist.
Pat Bates is a data warehouse technical specialist and a member
of the Worldwide Information Management Technical Sales Team
responsible for InfoSphere Warehouse, IBM Smart Analytics
System and Netezza®. He lives and works in southern New
Jersey and has been involved with IBM data warehousing and
in-database analytics since 2001. With 22 years in the industry,
Pat has served IBM Information Management as a product
development manager, product manager, and technical sales
specialist, and he is a frequent speaker at technical workshops
Timothy Donovan is a Senior IT Specialist with the Emerging
Technology Services (ETS) organization, part of IBM Software
Business. He has recently been working with the IBM Information
Management Software Service team, assisting with client data
warehouse migrations and new InfoSphere Warehouse solutions.
Aligned with Tim's past skill set of high performance computing,
Grid, IBM AIX® and Linux, he is currently working to support client
projects in new technology areas, with Hadoop and IBM Big Data
solutions related to data warehouse environments. Prior to joining
ETS, Tim worked for 10 years in the Developer Relations Division,
part of the IBM Business Partner program, supporting
Independent Solution Vendors (ISVs) with enabling their
applications to use a range of IBM technologies.
Garrett Fitzsimons is a data warehousing specialist based in the
IBM Dublin lab. He has worked with traditional database and data
warehouse applications since 1990 on a variety of platforms in
several countries. Garrett has worked on a number of large scale
implementations of ERP and data warehousing systems using
IBM DB2, Oracle, and Microsoft technologies. He is currently
working on providing best practice guidelines for the IBM Smart
Analytics System.

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