60 Solving Operational Business Intelligence with InfoSphere Warehouse Advanced Edition
In the last section, we touch on the “black box” solutions currently supplied by
IBM as a complete system that includes both a hardware component and a
software component.
2.3.1 Scenarios for implementing InfoSphere Warehouse core
The components that make up a core InfoSphere Warehouse implementation
can be divided into four Installation categories as follows:
򐂰 Data Server component
This category covers the main DB2 platform, which is supported on AIX,
HP-UX, Solaris, various Linux implementations, and Windows. For a
warehouse implementation, consider only the 64-bit versions of DB2.
򐂰 Application server component
This category covers the IBM WebSphere Application server, an integral part
of the warehouse product set. This component also includes the InfoSphere
Warehouse server application that is installed within an instance of the IBM
WebSphere Application Server.
򐂰 Clients
This category covers all of the command line and GUI-based platforms that
are normally installed on a user’s personal computer or notebook. Because
the management, configuration, and use of many of the server applications
and tools is through a web browser, count this as a client tool.
However, because all modern operating systems now include a web browser
by default, no web browser is shipped with the product. Clients supported can
either be 32-bit or 64-bit, and Windows-based or Linux-based.
򐂰 Documentation
This category includes both the online and PDF versions of the product set
Chapter 2. Overview of InfoSphere Warehouse Advanced Edition 61
The InfoSphere Warehouse components covered in the categories listed can be
installed onto a hardware platform in a range of topologies. The three most
common topologies are listed here:
򐂰 One tier - Often utilized as a development, test, and education environment,
all the major components, including the clients, are installed on a single
hardware platform. In this case, the platform can only be a server installed
with either a Windows or a Linux operating system.
A virtual machine image can be used in this type of environment, meaning a
Linux VMware image such as that supplied as part of an IBM 5070 Smart
Analytics Solution.
򐂰 Two tier - Although also primarily used in a development and test
environment, this topology can be utilized, with the proper server and storage,
for a smaller warehouse implementation.
In this topology, the client components are often installed on a single client
Intel-based hardware platform running either Windows or Linux. The server
components are then all installed on a second platform. In this topology, the
clients and servers may be on completely different operating systems, and
even on different hardware-based platforms. For example, the clients might
be on Linux on an Intel-based platform, while the servers are on AIX on a
Power-based platform. In such a case, the server components include the
DB2 database engine and a single instance of the WebSphere Application
Server, loaded with the InfoSphere Warehouse application.
򐂰 Three tier - In this topology, the client components are installed on a single
client hardware platform, the DB2 components are installed on a second
hardware platform, and the WebSphere Application Server components are
installed on the third hardware platform. For ease of administration, it is
advisable to have the operating system and hardware platform of the DB2
Installation considerations: For InfoSphere Warehouse 9.7.3 and below,
IBM WebSphere Application Server is installed as part of the installation
process if an already installed version of IBM WebSphere Application Server
was not selected to be used by the user.
With InfoSphere Warehouse 10, however, the installer requires an already
installed copy of IBM WebSphere Application Server. Thus, before running the
installer for InfoSphere Warehouse 10, a user must have installed a copy of
IBM WebSphere Application Server by using the IBM Installation Manager

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