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SONAR™ X3 Power!

Book Description

SONAR X3 POWER! is an all-new edition of this popular guide to Cakewalk's powerful digital audio workstation, offering full, detailed coverage of the SONAR X3 software. The book's comprehensive treatment begins with the basics and takes you from setup to final mix with clear, step-by-step instructions and exercises. If you're a new user, you'll start at the beginning and learn everything you need to know to use SONAR for recording, editing, producing, mixing, and sharing your music with the world. If you're already a SONAR user, you'll learn the details about all the exciting new features in SONAR X3-and you'll sharpen your workflow and improve your music-making. SONAR X3 POWER! Is the most complete guide to SONAR X3 available, covering everything from working with SONAR files and navigating projects to advanced editing, surround sound, automation, and much more. No matter what genre you're working in, or what part of the music/audio world you call home, you will benefit from the book's clear guidance and the wealth of production tips and shortcuts. Build and strengthen your SONAR expertise with SONAR X3 POWER!

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. About the Author
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
  7. 1 SONAR X3 Basics
    1. The Way SONAR Works
    2. Multiple Versions of SONAR
    3. A Basic Studio Setup
    4. Finding Help When You Need It
  8. 2 Customizing SONAR X3
    1. Organizing Files
    2. Customizing the Workspace
    3. Customizing MIDI Settings
    4. Optimal Audio Settings
  9. 3 Working with SONAR Projects
    1. Opening Projects
    2. Creating a New Project
    3. Saving Your Project
  10. 4 Navigating the SONAR Workspace
    1. The Now Time
    2. The Go Functions
    3. Markers, Oh My!
  11. 5 Audio and MIDI Recording
    1. Preliminary Parameters
    2. Recording and Playback
    3. Multiple Track Recording and Playback
    4. Loop Recording
    5. Punch Recording
    6. Step Recording
    7. Importing
    8. Synchronization
  12. 6 Editing Basics
    1. The Global Editing Tools
    2. Arranging with the Track View
    3. Using the Piano Roll View
    4. Using the Step Sequencer View
    5. Using the Event List View
    6. Using the Tempo View
  13. 7 Advanced Editing
    1. Advanced Data Selection
    2. Advanced Audio Editing
    3. The Process Menu
    4. Audio Snap
  14. 8 Using Software Synthesizers
    1. Using Soft Synths
    2. The Cakewalk TTS-1
    3. The Roland GrooveSynth
    4. The Pentagon I
    5. The PSYN II
    6. The Cyclone
    7. RXP REX Player
    8. TruePianos (Amber Module)
    9. ReWire
    10. SoundFonts
    11. Session Drummer 3
    12. Dimension Pro
    13. Rapture
    14. DropZone
    15. z3ta+
    16. Cakewalk Sound Center
    17. Studio Instruments
    18. Square I
    19. Lounge Lizard Session
    20. Strum Acoustic Session
    21. Addictive Drums
  15. 9 Creating Music with Beats and Loops
    1. Groove Clips
    2. Working with Groove Clips
    3. The Matrix View
  16. 10 Mixing Music in SONAR
    1. The Console View
    2. Configuring the Console and Track Views
  17. 11 Exploring Effects Plug-Ins (Part 1)
    1. Offline or Real Time?
    2. Audio Effects
  18. 12 Exploring Effects Plug-Ins (Part 2)
    1. Audio Effects
    2. MIDI Effects
  19. 13 Automation and Control Surfaces
    1. Taking Snapshots
    2. Automating the Mix
    3. Grouping
    4. Remote Control
    5. Global Remote Control Support
    6. Working with Envelopes
    7. Automating Effects and Soft Synths
    8. The Next Steps
  20. 14 Export Audio and Burn CDs
    1. Preparing a Project for CD Audio
  21. 15 Surround Sound with SONAR
    1. Setting Up Your Studio
    2. Setting Up SONAR for Surround
    3. Surround Sound Mixing
    4. Surround Sound Effects
    5. Exporting Your Surround Project
  22. 16 Standard Music Notation via the Staff View
    1. The Staff View
    2. Changing the Layout
    3. Dealing with Notes
    4. Dealing with Symbols and Lyrics
    5. The Fretboard and Tablature
    6. Printing Your Music
  23. 17 The Cakewalk Application Language (CAL) and Sysx
    1. What Is CAL?
    2. Running a CAL Program
    3. The CAL Files
    4. Viewing CAL Programs
    5. Introduction to CAL Programming
    6. Master Presets
    7. CAL Conclusion
    8. Studio Control with Sysx
    9. System Exclusive (Sysx)
  24. 18 Audio for Video with SONAR
    1. Importing Video Files
    2. Exporting Video Files
    3. Exporting Audio Files
  25. Index