Space Safety Regulations and Standards

Book description

When international rules and regulations governing space travel were first being developed, only a few countries had any space presence and commercial space activity was non-existent. Today, over 50 countries have on-orbit satellites and commercial space presence is essential to commercial telecommunications and broadcasting, yet international space law remains in its infancy. Space Safety Regulations and Standards is the definitive book on regulatory initiatives involving space safety, new space safety standards, and safety related to new space technologies under development. More than 30 world experts come together in this book to share their detailed knowledge of regulatory and standard making processes in the area, combining otherwise disparate information into one essential reference and providing case studies to illustrate applications throughout space programs internationally. They address the international regulatory framework that relates to traditional space safety programs as well as the emerging regulatory framework that relates to commercial space programs, space tourism, and efforts to create commercial space station facilities.


  • Fully endorsed by the International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety (IAASS) and provides the only definitive reference on regulations and standards for the field of space safety
  • Combines the technical, legal and regulatory information in a clear and integrated reference work suitable for technical professionals, regulators, legal experts, and students in the field
  • Presents a truly global insight from experienced space safety experts worldwide, with representatives from the leading associations, institutions and companies operating in the arena today

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Acknowledgements
  5. Foreword
  6. About the Editors and Authors
  7. Introduction to Space Safety Regulations and Standards
  8. Part 1: Developing and Improving Space Safety Regulations and Standards for Manned and Unmanned Space Systems
    1. Chapter 1: NASA Space Safety Standards and Procedures for Human-Rating Requirements
    2. Chapter 2: US Department of Defense Launch Safety Standards
    3. Chapter 3: Space Safety Standards in Europe
    4. Chapter 4: Space Safety Standards in Japan
    5. Chapter 5: Russian National Space Safety Standards and Related Laws
    6. Chapter 6: Space Safety Regulations and Standards in China
    7. Chapter 7: Space Launch Safety in Australia
    8. Chapter 8: Certification of New Experimental Commercial Human Space-Flight Vehicles
  9. Part 2: Safety Regulations and Standards for Unmanned Space Systems
    1. Chapter 9: Regulatory Procedures and Standards for Launch Range Safety for Manned and Unmanned Launches
    2. Chapter 10: Commercial Systems due Diligence in the Application of Standards and Procedures Designed to Avoid the Creation of Orbital Debris in GEO
    3. Chapter 11: Data Sharing to Improve Close Approach Monitoring and Safety of Flight
    4. Chapter 12: Space Situational Awareness and Space Traffic Management Standardization
  10. Part 3: Regulating Commercial Space Flight
    1. Chapter 13: Developing Commercial Human Space-Flight Regulations
    2. Chapter 14: Regulation and Licensing of US Commercial Spaceports
    3. Chapter 15: Regulations and Licensing at the European Spaceport
    4. Chapter 16: Accommodating Sub-Orbital Flights into the EASA Regulatory System
  11. Part 4: International Regulatory and Treaty Issues
    1. Chapter 17: International Regulation of Emerging Modes of Space Transportation
    2. Chapter 18: An International Code of Conduct for Responsible Spacefaring Nations
    3. Chapter 19: The ICAO's Legal Authority to Regulate Aerospace Vehicles
    4. Chapter 20: International Launch and Re-entry Safety Standards
    5. Chapter 21: The United Nations and its Efforts to Develop Treaties, Conventions, or Guidelines to Address Key Space Issues Including the De-weaponization of Space and Orbital Debris
    6. Chapter 22: Toward an International Space Station Safety Authority
    7. Chapter 23: The International Challenges of Regulation of Commercial Space Flight
  12. Part 5: Creating Technical and Regulatory Standards for the Future
    1. Chapter 24: Regulations for Future Space Traffic Control and Management
    2. Chapter 25: Spacecraft Survivability Standards: Enhancing Traditional Hazard Control Approaches
    3. Chapter 26: Safety Guidelines for Space Nuclear Reactor Power and Propulsion Systems
    4. Chapter 27: Removal of Hazardous Space Debris
    5. Chapter 28: International Standards Enhance Interoperability: A Safer Lunar Colony
    6. Chapter 29: Future Space Safety Technology, Standards, and Regulations
  13. Part 6: Conclusions and Next Steps
    1. Chapter 30: Conclusions and Next Steps
  14. Appendices
    1. Appendix 1: Memorandum of Understanding Concerning Cooperation on Civil and Commercial Space Safety Standards and the Establishment of an International Space Safety Standardization Organization
    2. Appendix 2: Commercial Human Space-Flight Vehicle “Certification” by an International Space Safety Board
    3. Appendix 3: Model Code of Conduct for Responsible Spacefaring Nations
    4. Appendix 4: Draft International Convention on the Removal of Hazardous Space Debris
    5. Appendix 5: The Proposed Space Preservation Treaty
    6. Appendix 6: European Parliament Resolution of 10 July 2008 on Space and Security
    7. Appendix 7: UN COPUOS Space Debris Mitigation Guidelines
    8. Appendix 8: List of Abbreviations
  15. Index

Product information

  • Title: Space Safety Regulations and Standards
  • Author(s): Joseph N. Pelton, Ram Jakhu
  • Release date: September 2010
  • Publisher(s): Butterworth-Heinemann
  • ISBN: 9780080961927