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Spark Analytics for Real-Time Data Processing

Video Description

Query data using Spark SQL, analyze data and perform real-time processing using Spark Streaming

About This Video

  • Query data using Spark SQL APIs
  • Handle steaming data using Spark Streaming
  • Best Practice for streaming data

In Detail

This tutorial is focused on analytics and real-time data processing using Apache Spark. You will begin with Spark SQL, using the Spark SQL API and built-in functions; within Apache Spark, you will go through some interactive analysis and look at some integrations between Spark and Java/Scala/Python.

You will explore Spark Streaming, streaming context, and DStreams. You will learn how Spark streaming works on top of the Spark core, thus inheriting its features. You will stream data and also learn best practices for managing high-velocity streaming and external data sources.

By the end of this course, you will be able to load data from a variety of structured sources (for example, JSON, Hive, and Parquet) using Spark SQL and schema RDDs and will perform real-time data processing.