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Forum Day Two: Session Two 123
PARTICIPANT (Forum leader)
So occurrence can be constitutive of distinguishing?
No. The other way around and constitutive is not the right word. Allowed by is better. Occur-
ring is allowed by the distinction in which it occurs. The occurring is possible by virtue of the
domain of possibility which you have established. For instance, the photographic image doesn’t
occur in the brain or in the eyes. Those were operational before. The occurring happens in a
“house called possibility.” Possibility is a product of an operation called distinguishing.
PARTICIPANT (Forum leader)
Thank you.
I have a sense that there’s an architecture, or whatever word you want to use, so that in order
to objectify something, you have to be able to locate it, someplace, sometime, some form, some
architecture for definition. Is there an architecture for distinguishing?
I’m not clear about your use of the word architecture.
PARTICIPANT (Forum leader 2)
Anatomy or elements.
At one end of the spectrum is design, at the other end is making. Anatomy is at the making
end. What’s up at the design end, mostly lives in what will remain unsaid. Although present by
virtue of... all that...
PARTICIPANT (Forum leader 2)
Is it ...

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