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Forum Day Three: Session Two 205
That was the tip of the iceberg. Now we’re going to give you the opportunity to experience the
whole thing. It’s an exercise designed for you to really confront your fear of living and being
with people. You may hear people expressing it, crying. Allow yourself to be with your fear of
other people. If you really allow yourself to experience it, the depth of it may surprise you. You
have to be willing to take on what I’m asking you to consider and stand in it.
The next forty-five minutes were devoted to the Danger Process. Participants were asked to remain
in their chairs with their eyes closed and to follow Wes’s instructions, as he directed them to
surround themselves, in their imaginations with an ever-widening circle of dangerous people. First,
he told them to imagine that they were afraid of the people sitting on either side of them. After a few
minutes, he said they should imagine—“create”—that they were afraid of the hundreds of people in
The Forum room. With each step, participants were urged to create the experience of fear, to “let the
experience up,” and with each step he allowed time for the fear to be generated.
As he continued, Wes expanded the fearful environment to include the entire population of San
Francisco, and then the 250 million people in the United States, ...

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