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Yeah, well that was it and it was like, it’s “I’m an incompetent parent.”
Someone is willing to say what’s so, rather than give a reason for it or try to explain what it all
means, deal with the significance of it...
And it was real clear to him, “you’re still my mother. You’re my mother!” He said that! And
in all the discussing about The Forum with people in my life it never occurred to me to talk
to him.
Yeah, it only occurred to you to talk to yourself.
Oh, I love that one.
Yeah, he talked to me. He got up early to come talk to me. I left him—maybe I shouldn’t say
this—we were out of kitty litter. The cat pooped on the carpet and I told him to clean it up and
go buy more kitty litter. It’s not like I have to do it for him. Yeah.
Thank you Sarah.
WES (to the group)
Your whole life has been lived inside of meanings, explanations, reasons, and justifications.
The lowest level in which human beings can live their life... I’m now going to give you a name
for that. You’re at a place where you can begin to recognize it. Before you were too much in it to
be able to recognize it. You know, like the fish cannot recognize water. The fish cannot discern
water; it’s everywhere. You’re like a flying fish, for ...

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