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Forum Day Four: Session Two 381
without saying anything, or directly about it, that I felt more intimate with the people that were
sharing in the group and that emotions were starting to well right up out of me. And I know I
can take that and be reasonable and say “Oh, that’s great, I’ll do this now all the time and I’ll
have these emotions and everything will be fixed.” And hey, I’m feeling it.
When you do.
I am right now. I may not tonight or I may not tomorrow. Now I am.
You always will when you do.
I’m there.
Thank you very much.
So, we’re distinguishing this distinction called reasonableness. Is it so that in life you either
have the results or the reasons for not having them? And is it also so that as a human being, the
way it is to be a human being, is if you give yourself a sufficient reason that you also give equal
weight to that? That’s enough reason for not having this result. So if the result doesn’t occur,
where do you immediately look? At the reason why it didn’t. So we’re asking where in your life
do you have reasons for not participating. Please...
Well, sharing is one of them. For the first day and a half in here I was sitting on a lot of shares,
I had lots of reasons, you know, the golden share, the whole bit. So now ...

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