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ERHARD (indicating the “story” circle)
In this realm there are things like explanations.
(indicating the “what happened” circle)
And in this realm there are things like experience. So one is the experience and the other
is the explanation of the experience. This was the whole story at the time we discussed this
earlier. We were going backwards. We got to zero, we got to empty and meaningless. Now
we’re seeing that there are two sides to The Forum. The first side is “What is the already
always being of human beings?” And the other side is “What is the possibility of being for
human beings?” Now you heard “What is the possibility of being for human beings” as the
something maybe, could I, might be, maybe, like some stupid image you got of yourself as
thin and sexy and young and rich, or whatever your silly notion is for your self. Holy. It fits
in there. The same crap.
(indicating the first two circles)
That’s what you got born with. That’s what came with the package—those two domains. There’s
another domain.
(drawing a new circle to the left of the “what happened” circle)
It doesn’t come with the package. You don’t get it for free.
(indicating the “story” circle)
You can talk about that domain right here, but that’s talking about it. That’s like eating the

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