in order to speak a language which communicates Being, one must speak from an
ontological location, a clearing, which provides access to Being.
The second question asks: how does the dialogic rhetorical structure of The
Forum achieve ontological transformation?
The Forum as an instance of ontological rhetoric—that is, rhetoric which
communicates strategically so as to produce a shift in its audience’s way of Being.
What are the central functional characteristics of ontological rhetoric, as they
have been developed in this book? Fundamental to ontological rhetoric is the
communication of an unsaid element of language. That is, both Heidegger and
Erhard hold that Being is a region or horizon which pervades and contextualizes
language, but which cannot itself be articulated. Nevertheless, while Being must
remain unspoken, it can nevertheless be brought to presence by means of a certain
kind of speaking; Heidegger proposed that a dialogue which is conducted in a
certain way can function to bring Being to presence for dialogic partners. Therefore,
The Forum is an attempt to design and enact a dialogue which brings Being to
presence as an unspoken element of a spoken conversation.
In order for Being to be brought to presence, an ontological shift must occur, a
transformation in the way human beings conceive themselves. According to Heidegger,
the ...

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