Customizing Forms

Let's dive right in with an example of how we can use the System Customization area. We'll start by returning to Deployment Manager and creating a set of new schema fields on the Contact object. For this example, let's assume that we're using the Contact object to track students at a private school. Table 11.2 lists the specifications for the fields we will create. We'll be creating one field for each data type.

Table 11.2. Field Specifications
NameTypeDisplay NameLengthDescription
SSNStringSSN11Social Security Number
Enrolled AgeIntegerEnrolled Agen/aAge at time of application
GPAFloatGPAn/aGrade Point Average
ContributionCurrencyContributionn/aApplication Contribution
EnrolledDate/TimeEnrolledn/aDate Enrolled
LegacyBooleanLegacy ...

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