10 Other Makeup Effects

Key Points

  • Making resin eyes
  • Making Pros-Aide bondo, Pro-bondo, Cabo-Patch, and TPA (thickened Pros-Aide)
  • Uses of plastic bald cap material
  • How to make and apply a bald cap
  • Simple buildup of ears and nose
  • Tuplast
  • Sculpting with nose and scar wax
  • Making rigid collodion scars
  • Airbrush stipple
  • Brush spatter/stipple
  • 3D transfers
  • Stencil tattoos, printed tattoos, and paint accents
  • Electrostatic hair flocking
  • Applying wrinkle/age stipple
  • Creating trauma, wounds, and bruises
  • How to create a nosebleed on demand
  • Creating burns, blisters, and skin diseases
  • Using skin-safe silicone and gelatin for direct buildup


In addition to the prosthetics covered throughout this book, there are ...

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