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Speed as competitive advantage

Book Description

In this excerpt, Tammy Everts uses cases studies and other data to explain how web page speed and availability affect a host of business metrics.

Table of Contents

  1. Speed as Competitive Advantage
    1. Retail Isn’t the Only Vertical Market Affected by Performance
    2. Slow Time Versus Downtime: Which Hurts Your Business More?
    3. Brand Perception
    4. Slow Web Pages Undermine Brand Health
      1. Case study: Healthcare.gov’s “epic fail” is conflated with the entire Obama administration
    5. Conversions and Revenue
      1. Case study: Every 1 second of load time improvement equals a 2% conversion rate increase for Walmart.com
      2. Case study: Staples.com shaves 1 second from load time, improves conversion rate by 10%
      3. Case study: AutoAnything.com cuts page load in half, increases conversion rate by 9%
      4. Case study: Mozilla shaves 2.2 seconds from load times, increases download conversions by 15.4%
      5. Case study: Obama fundraising platform improved speed by 60% and raised an additional $34 million
      6. Case Study: Intuit Cuts Load Times by More Than Half, Increases Conversions by 14%
    6. Who Converts When?
    7. Different Pages in the Conversion Funnel Can Have Different Conversion Rates
    8. People Are More Patient with Specialty Sites Than with General Merchandisers
    9. Visitors in Some Countries Are More Patient Than Visitors in Others
    10. Shopping Cart Abandonment
      1. Case Study: Impact of Page Slowdown on Shopping Cart Abandonment
    11. Page Views and Bounce Rate
      1. Case Study: At Google, a 500-millisecond Slowdown Equaled a 25% Decrease in Searches
      2. Case Study: GQ Cuts Load Time by 80%, Grows Traffic by 83%
      3. Case Study: At The Financial Times, Page Slowdowns Correlate to up to 11% Decrease in Engagement
      4. Case Study: Edmunds.com Shaves 7 Seconds off Load Time, Sees 17% Increase in Page Views and 3% Increase in Ad Revenue
    12. Customer Satisfaction and Retention
      1. Case Study: Impact of Page Slowdown on Returning Traffic
    13. Google Ranking and Organic Search Traffic
    14. The “Slow” Label
      1. Case study: Smartfurniture.com Accelerates Pages, Enjoys 20% Increase in Organic Search Traffic (Plus More Sales!)
    15. Mobile Matters
      1. Case Study: Measuring the Impact of Page Slowdowns on Mobile Metrics
    16. Takeaway