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Gabriele Kahlout, Spinning Up ServiceNow, 10.1007/978-1-4842-2571-4_12

12. ServiceNow jargon

Crash course on basic ServiceNow terminology

Gabriele Kahlout

(1)Doha, Qatar

You have invested the time to read this book about ServiceNow, which I hope you found worthwhile.

Yet due to the non-technical nature of the book, you will still be unfamiliar with common ServiceNow terms that ServiceNow developers and administrators commonly use. Here is a quick explanation of frequently used ServiceNow terms, which should make communication with your ServiceNow technical colleagues much more fluid.

In this chapter:

  • Scripting: What are Business rules, Client scripts and UI actions in simple terms.

  • View: How you can show the same record differently, ...

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