Spring 5.0 Project: Building a Travel Website

Video description

Design and implement real-world web-based applications using the powerful Spring 5.0 Framework

About This Video

  • Take advantage of all the features of Spring 5.0, such as AOP and Reactive Streams, to build a robust backend
  • Implement Spring MVC in your apps and integrate it with Angular 2 for a beautiful frontend design
  • A project-based course to create robust and scalable microservice-based applications on Spring Cloud, using Spring Boot

In Detail

Two main themes for Spring 5.0 projects are Reactive Programming and Microservices. The most significant change in the upcoming Spring 5.0 is the introduction of Reactive Programming, so reactive-style programming is used throughout the course. And since Microservice are the current buzzword, and Spring Boot is the most popular Microservice framework in the World, one volume will be dedicated to introducing Spring Boot and Spring Cloud in order to write the actual microservices.

We will build a fake travel site that will gradually take shape as we move on to each section. We'll start off by introducing the basics of Spring Framework, including bean lifecycles, Dependency Injection, AOP, and Spring Data. Then we'll introduce Reactive Programming in Spring 5, so you'll be ready to build the service layer for the travel site.In the further sections, you will learn to build the presentation layer, called Spring MVC.Here, we will start with Spring Boot, the Microservice framework based on Spring.

By the end of the course, you will have built a couple of microservices for the Travel site using Spring Boot. We will make it as “Cloud Native” using Spring Cloud that helps to adopt the patterns like config server, circuit breaker, service discovery and etc.

Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Spring 5.0 Core – Understanding Dependency Injection
    1. The Course Overview 00:02:15
    2. Explanation of Dependency Injection 00:04:41
    3. Using Spring DI Container - Explanation of Scopes 00:04:57
  2. Chapter 2 : Wiring Bean
    1. Bean Lifecycle 00:02:29
    2. Bean Creation by Using @PostConstruct and @PreDestroy 00:04:10
  3. Chapter 3 : Aspect Oriented Programming
    1. Spring – AspectJ Integration 00:03:54
    2. Defining Pointcuts to Intercept Calls 00:04:25
  4. Chapter 4 : Spring Data
    1. Defining Entities in Spring Data 00:04:13
    2. Using Spring Data as a Data Access Layer Interface 00:04:30
  5. Chapter 5 : Reactive Streams
    1. Integrating Reactor with Spring and Creating Reactive Code 00:07:56
    2. Testing Reactive Code 00:05:30
  6. Chapter 6 : Spring MVC Getting Started
    1. Introduction to Spring MVC 00:04:24
    2. Defining MVC Flow 00:03:29
  7. Chapter 7 : Controller, View, and Forms
    1. Creating Controller 00:06:23
    2. Creating View and Forms 00:04:13
  8. Chapter 8 : Spring Rest, WebSocket and Securing App
    1. Creating REST Controllers in Spring 00:04:27
    2. Integrating WebSockets with Spring Controller 00:08:07
    3. Defining Custom Web Security Rules 00:06:13
  9. Chapter 9 : Introducing Microservices
    1. One to Six Factors Explanation 00:07:30
    2. Seven to Twelve Factors Explanation 00:05:47
  10. Chapter 10 : Time to Spring Boot
    1. Creating Micro-Service in Spring Boot 00:03:59
    2. Testing Spring-Boot Application 00:02:17
    3. Accessing Spring JPA Data with REST 00:04:01
  11. Chapter 11 : Adopting Cloud Native Patterns
    1. Using Hystrix with Spring to Implement Circuit Breaker 00:06:44
    2. Using Eureka Service Discovery with Spring 00:08:15

Product information

  • Title: Spring 5.0 Project: Building a Travel Website
  • Author(s): Tomasz Lelek
  • Release date: October 2017
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781787284210