Spring MVC for Java Developers

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This screencast is designed to teach novice-level Java developers how to efficiently build well structured Java web applications with the Spring model view controller (MVC) module. The MVC module of the Spring framework provides a simple and lightweight web framework that allows developers to address common web application concerns using an established approach. Students will learn how to configure an advanced set of framework components to build predictable and highly maintainable applications that benefit from being constructed using this well documented technology. Participants should be familiar with the basics of the Java programming language and the concepts underlying the Spring Framework.

  • Learn how to work with Spring’s support for web services
  • Gain experience working with the Reactive Stack
  • Understand how to perform request handling with controllers
  • Learn to facilitate web service development with Spring web services
  • Understand how to leverage reactive streams

Kevin Bowersox leads development teams that build Java web applications for the federal government. A Java expert with 18 years of experience, Kevin's primary passion is helping coders understand and enjoy the benefits of automating software development practices. He holds a BA in Information Sciences and Technology from Penn State and is the author of multiple O'Reilly titles on topics such as Spring Framework, Hibernate, Apache Maven, and Jenkins.

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Welcome to the Course
    2. About the Author
  2. Spring MVC Introduction
    1. Spring MVC Introduction
    2. Model View Controller Overview
    3. Model View Controller Benefits
    4. Spring MVC Features
    5. JDK Installation
    6. Spring Tool Suite Installation
    7. Spring MVC Demonstration
  3. Spring MVC Java Configuration
    1. Spring MVC Java Configuration
    2. Configuration History
    3. Project Setup
    4. Logging Configuration
    5. DispatcherServlet Registration with Java
    6. Expedited Dispatcher Configuration
    7. Context Heirarchies
    8. View Resolution Configuration
  4. Boot Configuration
    1. Boot Configuration
    2. Boot Basics
    3. Configuration Overrides
    4. Thymeleaf Template Engine
    5. WAR Packaging
  5. Basic Request Processing
    1. Request Processing Overview
    2. Course Project Walkthrough
    3. Handling Requests with Controllers
    4. Establishing Request Mappings
    5. Building Models
    6. Autowiring Controller Services
    7. Variables in Paths
    8. Working with Flexible Handler Arguments
    9. Binding Request Data
  6. Spring MVC Tags
    1. Spring MVC Tags Overview
    2. URL Tag
    3. Form Tag
    4. Input Tag
    5. Select Tag
    6. Checkboxes and Radio Buttons
    7. Textarea Tag
  7. Advanced Controllers
    1. Advanced Controllers Overview
    2. Databinding Composite Objects
    3. Databinding Lists
    4. Working with ModelAttributes
    5. Working with SessionAttributes
    6. SessionStatus
    7. @ResponseBody
    8. @RequestBody
  8. Validation and Exception Handling
    1. Validation and Exception Handling Chapter Overview
    2. Validators Part 1
    3. Validators Part 2
    4. Bean Validation
    5. Form Errors
    6. @ExceptionHandler
    7. HandlerExceptionResolver
  9. View Resolution
    1. Validation and Exception Handling Chapter Overview
    2. Chaining View Resolvers
    3. Content Negotiation
    4. Redirects
    5. RedirectAttributes
    6. FlashAttributes
  10. Advanced Components
    1. Advanced Components Chapter Overview
    2. Handler Interceptors
    3. Bean Scopes
    4. JSON Support
    5. Controller Advice
    6. Databinding With Converters
    7. Databinding Arguments with Converters
    8. File Upload Support
  11. Security Features
    1. Security Features
    2. Postman Installation
    3. Global CORS Configuration
    4. Granular CORS Configuration
    5. CSRF Protection
  12. MVC Testing
    1. Spring MVC Testing
    2. Test Case Configuration
    3. Introducing the TestRestTemplate
    4. Posts with TestRestTemplate
    5. Context Only Testing
    6. Fluent API
    7. Limited Context Testing
  13. Async and Streaming
    1. Async and Streaming Chapter Overview
    2. Async with Deferred Results
    3. Async with Callables
    4. Streaming with ResponseBodyEmitter
    5. Streaming with Server Sent Events
  14. Spring Web Services
    1. Spring Web Services Chapter Overview
    2. Building an XSD
    3. Class Generation from XSD
    4. Service Configuration
    5. Endpoints
    6. Consumer Configuration
    7. WebServiceTemplate
  15. Reactive Apps with WebFlux
    1. Reactive Apps with WebFlux
    2. Reactive Concepts
    3. Spring WebFlux Overview
    4. Project Reactor Basics
    5. Mono
    6. Flux
    7. RouterFunction
    8. HandlerFunction
  16. Conclusion
    1. Course Wrap Up

Product information

  • Title: Spring MVC for Java Developers
  • Author(s): Kevin Bowersox
  • Release date: April 2018
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781492036036