Logging configuration in Hibernate

To provide logging, Hibernate uses SLF4J (http://www.slf4j.org) as the logging framework. SLF4J does not provide a logging alternative to Log4j, the Java logging API, or to any other. Instead, it is an API that sits on top of these other APIs to provide you with a common logging API to use in the source code. It forwards all logging events to either a logging framework, such as Log4j, the Java logging API, JCL, or so on. For each supported logging framework, SLF4J provides a JAR file, called SLF4J Binding, that must be in the application classpath when that framework is used as the underlying logging framework. For instance, SLF4J provides slf4j-log4j12.jar for Log4j that must be in the classpath when SLF4J is ...

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