Chapter 20. Ten Useful SPSS Things You Can Find on the Internet

In This Chapter

  • SPSS humor

  • The SPSS home page

  • SPSS Developer Center

  • User groups

  • Mailing lists and news groups

  • Python programming

  • Script and Syntax programming

  • Tutorials for IBM SPSS Statistics

  • SPSS Wiki

  • PSPP, a free SPSS

The names SPSS and PASW refer to the same software, so the names can be used interchangeably. The software now known as IBM SPSS Statistics was for a couple of years known as PASW, and before that was known for decades as SPSS. Because the name changes are recent, many of the resources you find on the Internet still use the name PASW.

The SPSS system is used in enough places and by enough people that it appears in many places on the Internet. Some of the Web pages are produced by the company that manufactures the software, but many pages are produced by people outside the company who are interested in using SPSS. This chapter gives you a general idea of the purpose of some of the most useful sites.

You may not want to type the URLs in this chapter, so I created a Web page that offers links you can click. Go to this book's associated Web site or to the following address:

SPSS Humor

You will find an amazing variety of SPSS stuff on the Internet, from specific programming to general commentary. Even humor. The following two Web sites are dedicated to SPSS and statistics jokes:

The SPSS Home Page

The Web site ...

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