Chapter 3

Assigning Access Privileges


Bullet Controlling operations with SQL

Bullet Identifying users and specifying roles

Bullet Categorizing users

Bullet Granting and revoking privileges

Bullet Granting and revoking roles

Because databases are among the most valuable assets that any organization has, you must be able to control who has access to them, as well as what level of access to grant. SQL handles access management with the third of its main components, the Data Control Language (DCL). Whereas the Data Definition Language (DDL) is used to create and maintain the structure of a database, and the Data Manipulation Language (DML) is used to fill the database structure with data and then operate on that data, the DCL protects the database from unauthorized access and other potential problems.

Working with the SQL Data Control Language

The DCL consists of four SQL statements, and two of them — COMMIT and ROLLBACK — are discussed in Book 4, Chapter 2. The other two DCL statements — GRANT and ...

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