Chapter 21

Adding Procedural Capabilities with Persistent Stored Modules


Bullet Tooling up compound statements with atomicity, cursors, variables, and conditions

Bullet Regulating the flow of control statements

Bullet Doing loops that do loops that do loops

Bullet Retrieving and using stored procedures and stored functions

Bullet Assigning privileges, creating stored modules, and putting stored modules to good use

Some of the leading practitioners of database technology have been working on the standards process for years. Even after a standard has been issued and accepted by the worldwide database community, progress toward the next standard doesn’t slow down. A seven-year gap separated the issuance of SQL-92 and the release of the first component of SQL:1999. During the intervening years, ANSI and ISO issued an addendum to SQL-92, called SQL-92/PSM (Persistent Stored Modules). This addendum formed the basis for a part of SQL:1999 with the same name. SQL/PSM defines a number of statements that give ...

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