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The goal of database performance tuning is to minimize the response time of your queries. It
is also to optimize your servers resources by minimizing network traffic, disk I/O, and CPU
This IBM® Redbook helps you to understand the basics of identifying and tuning the
performance of Structured Query Language (SQL) statements using IBM DB2® Universal
Database™ for iSeries™. DB2 Universal Database for iSeries provides a comprehensive set
of tools that help technical analysts tune SQL queries. The SQL Performance Monitors are
part of the set of tools that IBM i5/OS® provides for assisting in SQL performance analysis
since Version 3 Release 6. These monitors help to analyze database performance problems
after SQL requests are run.
This redbook also presents tips and techniques based on the SQL Performance Monitors and
other tools, such as Visual Explain. You’ll find this guidance helpful in gaining the most out of
both DB2 Universal Database for iSeries and query optimizer when using SQL.
The team that wrote this redbook
This redbook was produced by a team of specialists from around the world working at the
International Technical Support Organization (ITSO), Rochester Center.
Hernando Bedoya is an IT Specialist at the IBM ITSO, in Rochester, Minnesota. He writes
extensively and teaches IBM classes worldwide in all areas of DB2 Universal Database for
iSeries. Before joining the ITSO more than five years ago, he worked for IBM Colombia as an
IBM AS/400® IT Specialist doing presales support for the Andean countries. He has 20 years
of experience in the computing field and has taught database classes in Colombian
universities. He holds a master degree in computer science from EAFIT, Colombia. His areas
of expertise are database technology, application development, and data warehousing.
Elvis Budimlic is Director of Development at Centerfield Technology, Inc. in Rochester,
Minnesota. His primary responsibility is development and support of Centerfield’s insure/SQL
toolset with a focus on DB2 Universal Database for iSeries SQL performance and
optimization. His area of expertise are database performance, software engineering, problem
diagnostics, and iSeries work management. Before joining Centerfield, he worked for IBM for
four years on the database SLIC development group and Mylex RAID software development
teams. He holds a bachelor degree in computer science from Winona State University in
Morten Buur Rasmussen is a senior IT Specialist at the IBM Client Technology Center
(CTC), in La Gaude, France. He covers Europe and the Middle East in client facing areas of
IBM Eserver iSeries, database, and WebSphere performance. Before joining the CTC, he
worked for IBM Denmark and different European banks. He has 18 years of experience in the
Note: In this book, we use the name “SQL Performance Monitors” when using iSeries
Navigator. SQL Performance Monitor has two versions: Detailed Database Monitor and
Summary Monitor. We refer to the tool as “Database Monitors” when using a green screen
and accessing the tool by running the Start Database Monitor (STRDBMON) CL

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