How to do it...

Open SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) and create a new project using the integration services project template. Place the solution in the C:\SSIS2016Cookbook folder and name the project Chapter08:

  1. Rename the default package to SplitData.dtsx.
  2. In the Control Flow tab in the Package Designer, add a new data flow task by dragging and dropping it from the SSIS toolbox.
  3. Right-click the task and select Rename from the pop-up menu. Change the task's name to SplitData.
  4. Click the Data Flow tab.
  5. Create a new OLE DB source. Name it AW_DW_Source.
  6. Double-click the AW_DW_Source data source.
  7. On the General tab, create a new connection manager.
  8. Prepare the connection to the AdventureWorksDW2014 database on your SQL Server instance.
  9. Select the ...

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